Terms and Conditions of Use


  • The www.foremostthailand.com website is available to general users and foremost subscribers who can place orders or participate in promotional activities held on the website or application.
  • Customers who wish to participate must register as a member, and customers who have already become members will be deemed to have accepted the following terms and conditions, and the Company may amend these terms and conditions without prior notice to the member.
  • Those who wish to become a member can apply via the www.foremostthailand.com website, which must be completed correctly and completely. It's all Applicants must be at least 16 years of age. If the applicant is under the age of 16 and underage and wishes to apply for membership, the consent of the governing authority must be obtained to apply for membership.
  • The Member confirms and warrants that the personal information and details of the Member specified in the registration form or through the application via the Website are accurate and true. Once the subscription is successful. Members can start accumulating points for purchasing participating products under the terms and conditions of the membership. This can be changed, added, or modified.
  • In the event of any change to the member's information as specified in the registration form or through the application via the website. Members must notify the Company by updating the information themselves via the website. Additional information can be provided to the Foremost Consumer Information Center. Tel. 02-620-1980 or via email Callcenter.foremost@frieslandcampina.com The Company assumes no responsibility and is not responsible for any complaints. Any complaints or actions arising out of or relating to membership that may arise as a result of the member's failure to notify the Company of such changes.
  • Members can cancel their membership at any time by contacting the Foremost Consumer Information Center. In this case, the Company assumes no responsibility whatsoever and is not responsible for the remaining points of the Member, which will be automatically deleted from the Member'Callcenter.foremost@frieslandcampina.com s account as soon as the Member cancels the membership. Without notifying tra members.
  • The Company reserves the right to suspend the service and/or revoke your website membership immediately without prior notice. know or detect that you have provided false information in the registration or acted improperly; It's not legal. Contrary to public morals or reasonable grounds to believe that you have accessed the Website with corrupt intent.

Disclosure of Information

  • We may collect, use and disclose members' personal information in the form and for the purposes set out in this Privacy Policy (Section 1 Sharing and Receiving Your Information with Others).
  • If a member signs or registers for a specific service related to membership, the Company will collect, use, disclose information for the purposes set forth in accordance with the specific notice/notification relating to that service.
  • Membership is subject to the condition that such person accepts and consents to the Company collecting, using and disclosing such member's personal information as set forth in the Terms and Conditions of Membership.

Cancellation of membership

Users can cancel their login membership by notifying them through the Foremost Consumer Information Center. 02-620-1980 or via email Callcenter.foremost@frieslandcampina.com upon notification of cancellation or termination. Members shall have one month from the date of notification or for the period for which the Company specified The such cancellations. The User remains responsible and liable for any transactions that have not been completed. Delivery of goods, redemption or use of points, or any other similar case. Upon such maturity, The remaining points on the Card will be void and unavailable and the Company shall have no obligation or responsibility in respect of such points and shall not be compensated or reimbursed by any other means to the Member and the Member cannot make any claims.

The Company will process personal data in accordance with the laws currently in force. If you do not wish to have the Company collect and use such personal data, please contact us. You can request the cancellation of consent at the Call Center at 02-620-1980 or via email CallCenter.foremost@frieslandcampina.com.

Security relating to your use of the Services

During registration, the Company will ask you to create a personal code for accessing your account. You must keep your personal code confidential and not disclose it to anyone. You will be responsible for the operation. Any actions made through your account. If you suspect that your personal code has been misused or unauthorized, please contact us. You agree to notify the Company through the Customer Service Center by phone without delay. If the Company has reasonable grounds to believe that there is or may be misuse of the Company's Services. The Company reserves the right to suspend your account or ask you to change your personal code. It's all The Company is not liable for any damages resulting from the disclosure or misuse of your Personal Code.

Protection of personal information and consent to the processing of data

Please read and understand the Privacy Policy before registering for membership to access the website in your best interests. The Company recognizes the importance of your personal information. We promise to keep your information confidential as best we can.