Return, refund and warranty policies

1. Return Policy

Once you have received your ordered item, you can post it. Please keep the product intact as much as possible, both the product itself and the packaging.

The Company has a return policy for all purchases made through online store foremost delivery ( to all customers, which can be returned within 7 (seven) days*. After receiving the item, it depends on the description on the product details page. The return period starts when the customer receives the status that the item has been delivered to the customer's address (including Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays).

(* Based on the Direct Sales and Direct Market Act B.E. 2545 (2002)

Customers can choose from two return practices:

"Return for a refund" means (1) the Customer wishes to return the purchased item to the Company and (2) wishes to receive a refund for such transaction.

"Exchange" means (1) the Customer wishes to return the purchased item to the Company, and (2) must receive a new product of the same type and type that the Customer ordered. The product cannot be changed to another flavor or packing size for the customer. If the customer wants to change the product to another flavor or packing size. Customers must return items and reorder only.

Conditions for returns for refunds and exchanges

The Company will return the product to refund the customer and exchange the goods to customers who placed the order through the online store foremost delivery ( only in the following cases:

 "Wrong item received" means the item that the customer received incorrectly according to the customer's ordered item. Returned items must be intact. The packaging is not unwrapped or torn.

"Goods are unwrapped, torn,torn" means that the goods received by the customer have damaged internal external characteristics. There's signs of sheep tearing. From the packaging that encapsulates the goods.

"Broken, swollen goods" means the goods and packaging that encapsulates the goods that the customer receives is characterized by swelling. Inflatable Crack

"Product has quality problem" means the product that the customer receives has a taste characteristic. The smell, the color, is wrong.

"Expired Goods" means the goods that the Customer has received through the warranty date or has expired.

"Customer change of heart" means that the Customer decides to return the product for reasons other than those stated above. The company reserves the right to receive returns/refunds/exchanges due to "customer change of heart".

The company will not accept returns or exchanges of goods. In the following cases:

– The product has a shape that has changed from the time it was informed to the company.

– Items not purchased from Foremost Home Delivery

– Goods that have been unwrapped, ripped, opened or used.

– Goods that are damaged or damaged due to the customer's return pack.

– The customer does not notify the request and returns the goods within 7 days after the date of receipt.

– A conditional giveaway or special participating item.


The Customer is responsible for the cost of returning the goods to the Company unless the return is caused by an error by the Company, such as the delivery of the goods not fulfilling the order by the customer or the goods received by the customer are inconsistent with the condition and characteristics of the goods usually received by the customer (see example).

Please return the product to the company in order and with caution. To ensure that they are returned in normal condition, you can use the Return command. Not damaged

Execution duration

Customers who wish to return the product for a refund or replacement must make a request within 7 days from the date of delivery in case of refund. The company will refund the customer within 15 business days from the date of receipt of the customer's request for replacement of goods. From the date of receipt of the goods returned from the customer, to contact the company to inform the company of the request or inquire about the progress of the operation. Customers can contact or inquire at the Online Customer Support Center, or send a chat message on the Foremost Thailand Facebook Page, or Foremost Consumer Information Center. Tel. 02 6201980 (24-hour service), or email


The Company reserves the right to cancel the order and restore all goods and services to the customer. to resolve conflicts.

The company reserves the right to refuse returns for refunds. Refunds or replacements that do not meet the terms and conditions specified in this Return Policy.

The company reserves the right to modify/revise/revise. Terms and conditions of this return policy without prior notice

2. Refund Policy

Refund channels

Refund Period

Transfer money to customer account

No more than 15 working days from the date of receipt of the customer's request.


"Working Day" means Monday to Friday, excluding Saturday holidays. The refund period may be greater than the period specified in the above table, depending on the procedures of the Company's bank and its customers.

Additional requirements for refunds

The Company may contact customers and request additional documents to facilitate the refund process. If the customer refuses to provide information about the customer's bank account or provide evidence relating to the after-sales service request for a refund. The company reserves the right not to approve the refund process.


3. Product Warranty Policy

The Company endorses and warrants that products sold to consumers through the online store Foremost Home Delivery (

1) According to specifications when delivering,

2) Manufactured according to good food production guidelines and methods,

3) Manufactured under the quality assurance system to ensure compliance with the above certifications and

4) Free from all rights when delivered.

The Company is committed and committed to the rights of consumers and is ready to act in order to achieve equal accuracy. Transparent and attentive to all customers This includes a selection of products and procedures for the service that best meets the needs of customers. In case of conflict The Company will do its best within the scope of duties and responsibilities it can. To correct/compensate Those problems.