Update flooded areas

The area was affected by the heavy rain situation. This causes flash flooding, affecting the receipt and delivery of parcels. It is expected that there may be a delay of 4-5 working days, and if any area returns to normal, delivery will be expedited immediately.

Last updated on 20 October 2022

รหัส จังหวัด อำเภอ
46130 Kalasin Kamala Sai
17150 Chainat Prodigy
82160 Phang Nga Koh Yao
83000 Phuket Koh Yao
83001 Phuket Ratsada
83002 Phuket Koh Kaew
83100 Phuket Phuket City
83110 Phuket Thalang
83111 Phuket Phuket Airport
83120 Phuket Kathu
83130 Phuket Phuket City
83140 Phuket Thalang
83150 Phuket Kathu
83151 Phuket Thaweewong
83200 Phuket Koh Kaew
44000 Maha Sarakham Maha Sarakham City
44140 Maha Sarakham Gosum Range
44150 Maha Sarakham Kantravichai
33000 Sisaket town
33130 Sisaket Kantrarom
33160 Sisaket Silalad
16000 sing buri Mueang Sing Buri
13110 Ayutthaya Sena
13130 Ayutthaya harbor
13150 Ayutthaya great king
13250 Ayutthaya Bangbal
14110 Ang Thong Magic Chai Chan
14130 Ang Thong Mok Forest
14150 Ang Thong seek
14160 Ang Thong Samco
61000 Uthai Thani Uthai Thani City
34000 Ubon Ratchathani town
34001 Ubon Ratchathani Pathumalai
34190 Ubon Ratchathani Warin Chamrap
34330 Ubon Ratchathani Tansum